data - the DataHub CLI

Getting started

data is the command-line tool to prepare, push and get data from the DataHub. With data you will be able to:

  • Push data to the DataHub
  • Get data from the DataHub
  • Get information about particular data files and datasets (both on the DataHub and off)
  • Validate your data to ensure its quality


There are two options for installation:

  1. Installing pre-built binaries. These have no dependencies and will work “out of the box”
  2. Install via npm: if you have node (>= v7) and npm installed you can install via npm

Installing binaries

  1. Go to the releases page
  2. Download the pre-built binary for your platform (MacOS and LinuxOS x64 at present)
  3. Move the binary into your $PATH e.g. on Mac you could move to /usr/local/bin/

    mv data-{os-distribution} /usr/local/bin/data

Installing via npm

You can also install it from npm as follows:

npm install -g datahub-cli


You can see the latest commands and get help by doing:

data help


Putting data online is one command: push.


Login befor pushing: you will need to login (or signup) before pushing:

data login

This will carry out login / signup entirely from the command line.