DataHub Authentication

This page describes authentication of DataHub users. The details provided can be used by developers, willing to contribute to the existing dpm API client or implement custom client for The DataHub API.

The DataHub Frontend allows users to be registered via github using the web browser. After a successful registration, user will be given unique API-KEY to authenticate with DataHub API server.

API authentication

Some DataHub API methods require client to provide identity of a registered user. To prove its identity, client first has to obtain temporal JWT token, providing permanent API-KEY of a registered user. After that client can pass this token in the header of a request to the API.

To obtain a temporal JWT token, client should send POST request to /api/auth/token. Request should have json-encoded body with 'username' and 'secret' keys, where 'secret' is an API-KEY of the user:

response =
        {'username': 'my_username', 'secret': '1dd5f984bc'}))

If the username and API-KEY are valid, server will return json response with JWT token: {'token': 'a6d8b887'}

auth_token = response.json().get('token')

This token should be temporarily stored by the client. To access any API method with authentication, client should include this token in the "Authorization" header., headers={'Authorization', 'Bearer %s' % auth_token})